Say goodbye to messy tabs, with one tool.

Start browsing the internet the way you deserve and know where all your tabs are with ease.

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Having iterated hundreds of times using feedbacks from users, Forest is here to transform the way you interact with your browser.

Tree Structure

Tabs are displayed in a tree-like hierarchy. Each new tab is appended as a child automatically.

Drag & Drop

The most intuitive way for you to group the most important tabs together so you know exactly where they are.


Inline and external modes that come right out of the box to fit your every need.

Memory Saving

Automatically unloading tabs that are idle to provide a lag-free browsing experience.


Always have a record of all your tree states. You can search and recover them whenever you want.


This is our priority and will remain that way. Your data is always stored locally, it's you to keep.

Free to use. Forever.

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